Situated in Tyrol’s Landeck district, among the upper reaches of the beautiful Inn River, Fiss is an attractive ski town offering bucolic scenes, an array of outdoor activities, and fascinating ancient culture. Brilliantly green hills welcome guests in summer when they can enjoy a myriad of hiking and cycling trails as well as all the adrenaline-filled pursuits on offer at popular Summer Fun Park. Families can look forward to summer tobogganing, and fun-filled rides, as well as hiking routes where kids can enjoy the views from a six meter high chair in the mountains.

Winter brings opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and much more. Around February, join the locals in celebrating the sun’s arrival with the Blochziehen ritual, where a trunk is dragged through the town to symbolise a plough as well as fertility.


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Schlosshotel Fiss

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