Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has emerged from its turbulent past like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. Today it is one of Europe’s fastest-growing tourism destinations. This independent country on the Balkan Peninsula was formed in the wake of a three-year civil war and cemented peace in the region. The diversity that once divided it now adds to its allure. Enjoy the mix of influences of the Serbs, Bosnians and Croats. Today it forms a rich cultural tapestry.

The capital city of Sarajevo has a captivating old quarter and a bubbly nightlife, while the surrounding Dinaric Alps offer pristine mountain scenery and excellent hiking, skiing and ecotourism tours. Medugorje is a sacred Christian pilgrimage destination, while Mostar is known for its picturesque historical bridge.

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Electrical sockets in Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of three electrical socket types: Type C (CEE 7/16 Europlug) and Type F (CEE 7/4 Schuko). If your…

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CurrencyThe currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Konvertibilna Marka (BAM; symbol KM) = 100 feninga. Notes are in denominations of KM200, 100, 50,…

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Like most of the Balkans, the cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a product of the colourful interaction between cultures that typifies the region. The…

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Dominated by mountainous and hilly terrain, and drained by major rivers to the north (Sava) and east (Drina), Bosnia and Herzegovina has a climate that…

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Travel by road is the usual means of transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During winter and spring, block ice and landslides can make driving difficult….

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In winter, heavyweight clothing and overcoat. In summer, lightweight clothing and raincoats are required, with mediumweight clothing at times in the colder…

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Mostar is an enthralling and historic city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is set on the banks of the beautiful Neretva River. After suffering considerable damage…

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Sarajevo is an intriguing, cosmopolitan city located in the heart of Southeastern Europe. Set in the Balkans, it is the capital and largest city of the…

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