It is easy to understand why Italy is one of the world’s most celebrated tourist destinations. This is a country that truly does have it all: exquisite landscapes, an abundance of art and architectural treasures, world renowned museums and a national obsession with decadent food and fine wine. Not to mention the country’s sun-kissed olive groves, glacial lakes, fiery volcanoes, snow capped peaks and romantic islands, like Capri. Dive the clear green waters of the Mediterranean, browse the market stalls in Naples or experience the diverse wildlife inhabiting the country’s national parks. And if you find the vast range of choices overwhelming, take some advice from the locals: sit back, relax and take a moment to indulge in the “bella vita” (the good life). As they say: when in Rome!

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For the most part, electrical sockets (outlets) in Italy (Repubblica Italiana) are their own standard, the “Type L” Italian CEI 23-16/VII. Also reported…

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CurrencyItaly uses the European monetary unit, the euro (€).Euro bills come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500; coins are worth 1 cent…

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Standards of hygiene, in relation to food health and safety in Italy,are generally high in hotels, restaurants, pubs and nightspots. Restaurants are subject…

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The climate varies considerably from the north to the south of Italy. In the north of the country – the area between the Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines…

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Alitalia (AZ) ( is the main domestic carrier. Other local budget operators are Meridiana (, Air One (,…

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Summers can be steamy, but shorts are still regarded as resort wear by most Italians. Cotton slacks or capri pants for women are a stylish alternative….

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The peaceful resort town of Amalfi makes an ideal base for travellers looking to explore the numerous natural wonders and the lovely little towns dotted along…

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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a remarkably beautiful 48 kilometre-long stretch of mountainous coastline in the Italian southwestern region of Campania. It is known for its historic…

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Perched on a high plateau above the town of Capri, the slow-paced commune of Anacapri is a quaint village set on the slopes of Monte Solaro,…

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The small but spectacular island of Capri is located off the western coast of Italy in the Bay of Naples. A celebrated tourist destination, Capri is…

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Cinque Terre

Strung along Italy’s picturesque western coast, you will find five enchanting little villages collectively known as Cinque Terre. It is possible to hike along the cliffs…

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The gorgeous capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence, lies towards the centre of the country, a tiny city with a massive heart and an even larger…

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La Spezia

Located in the Liguria province of northern Italy, La Spezia rests on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This bustling port city is the second-largest city…

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Set on the spectacular Amalfi Coast of Italy, in the province of Salerno, the small town of Minori is the local’s answer to the crowds of…

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Presided over by mighty Mount Vesuvius, with the remarkable archaeological site of Pompeii on its doorstep, the historical Mediterranean city of Naples has a long and…

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Resting at the foot of the legendary Mount Vesuvius lies one of the world’s most treasured archaeological sites, the ancient Roman town of Pompeii. The town…

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Perched up on a steep hill with panoramic views of the stunning Amalfi Coast, the small romantic town of Positano attracts thousands of visitors year round….

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Rome, the capital of Italy’s Lazio Region in the central-western part of the peninsula, is a city that remains virtually unrivalled in the sheer volume and…

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The city is spread across three hills in the heart of Tuscany, the compact city of Siena is a historic jewel centred around the sloping Piazza…

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Situated on a hillside overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento is a small Italian resort town perfectly located for exploring the Amalfi Coast,…

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Stretching along Italy’s magnificent west coast from the Umbrian border to the Ligurian Sea, Tuscany epitomises the archetypal romantic image of Italy. For centuries, this exquisite…

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Venice is a small, unique city in Italy’s Veneto region, a historical centre consisting of 118 small islands in a lagoon of the Adriatic Sea, linked…

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