Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a remarkably beautiful 48 kilometre-long stretch of mountainous coastline in the Italian southwestern region of Campania. It is known for its historic ruins, its breathtaking natural views and, of course, its iconic pastel coloured, medieval fishing villages which cling to the side of steep cliff faces, towering above the glistening Mediterranean Sea. The vertical landscape of Amalfi features a continuous succession bays, fjords and public gardens, interspersed with lovely little pebbled beaches. For decades this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been one of Italy's major tourist attractions, offering visitors excellent restaurants, hotels, bars, boutiques, and boat trips. The area is also famous for its sweet and zesty limoncello liqueur (owing to its abundance of lemons) and its colourful, exquisitely-decorated handmade ceramics.

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