Rome, the capital of Italy’s Lazio Region in the central-western part of the peninsula, is a city that remains virtually unrivalled in the sheer volume and diversity of its cultural repertoire. One could spend months here and still only scratch the surface of treasures to be discovered in this phenomenal ancient city. 3000-odd-years of haphazard urban development has resulted in a complex cocktail of art, history, and architecture full of fascinating cultural clashes and contrasts.

Classical ruins as well as countless early Christian catacombs and clandestine churches sit alongside (or beneath) magnificent Renaissance palazzos and breathtaking Baroque fountains. This unique combination of a rich historical tapestry interweaved with a thriving and vibrant modern community living life to its fullest as only the Italians can, makes Italy’s Eternal City one of the world’s most intriguing and inspiring tourist destinations.

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Hotel Capo d’Africa

Hotel Capo d’Africa is situated just minutes away from the Coliseum in Rome. Surrounded by traditional trattorias and wine bars, the hotel’s luxurious guest accommodations…

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