Kufstein, often referred to as the ‘Pearl of Tyrol’, is a gorgeous historic town, surrounded by the majestic Kaiser Mountains, and is the second-largest in the state. Of the numerous heritage attractions, some of the highlights include the breathtaking Kufstein Fortress, which guards the town from a height and holds dazzling cultural events on a regular basis, and the St. Vitus’ church, with origins dating back to 788 and boasting some exquisite 15th-century frescoes. Kufstein is the home of the largest outdoor organ in the world (featuring 4948 pipes), and the magnificent instrument chimes out at midday every day (and at 18h00 in summer). Music lovers should also make sure to take a listen to the legendary German folk song, the Kufstein Song, based on the town.Each Saturday morning one can enjoy live music on the “Unterer Stadplatz”.

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