Loen is set in the inner part of the Nordfjord region, situated in the Stryn Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway. This tiny fjord-side village serves as a gateway to the magnificent glaciers in the surrounding area.

Visitors can take the Loen Skylift to Mt. Hoven and view the magnificent fjord-dotted landscape from above. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the stunning Jostedalsbreen National Park, Lodalen Valley, and the Briksdalsbreen. Other popular activities include hiking along a network of scenic trails through the majestic mountains, walking along the stone-paved paths traversing Mt.Skala and spending a night in the old stone tower at the summit. Other popular activities include canoeing, fishing, boat tours, skiing and swimming.Walk the Via Ferrata suspension bridge, thrill seakers take the new double zip-line a 1000 meters above the ground crossing the Jølmunna gorge.

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Surrounded by towering mountains and magnificent scenery, Hotel Loenfjord is beautifully situated by the Loelva River in Leon, Norway. Accommodation consists of 137 double rooms…

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