A Coruna

Resting beside the sparkling Atlantic Ocean is the historic fishing city of A Coruna. This city is situated in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain. It is home to an array of wonderful local attractions. The ancient Roman lighthouse, called the ‘Tower of Hercules’ is popular with visitors. The old city boasts a charming selection of Romanesque squares, streets, medieval churches and architecture for sightseers to soak up. A Coruna also offers a more contemporary experience with its Finisterrae Aquarium, Domus Science Museum or the urban beach and promenade of the Praia de Riazor or the Playa del Orzan. Don’t miss the selection of traditional Spanish cafes to choose from where visitors can enjoy good quality, Spanish seafood.A Coruña (La Coruña in Spanish) is a busy port city, which has played a prominent role in Spanish seafaring history. The famous ship Armada departed from this city in 1588. Of course, a seafaring city should have a lighthouse. The Torre de Hércules is the oldest functioning lighthouse in Europe, built by the Romans and rebuilt in the 18th century. Also visit the City Hall of La Coruña in the Plaza de María Pita and the seaside promenade that gave the city its nickname: the glass city. This promenade, La Marina, is flanked by rows of balconies with glass windows, which had to provide protection from the strong wind. Some impressive churches in A Coruña are the Iglesia de Santiago and the Iglesia de Santa María.

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