Baeza is situated in south-central Spain in Andalusia. This historic town and its twin sister Ubeda are known for their abundance of Italian Renaissance Buildings. Both historical gems have many buildings that are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This town is a must-see for history buffs and, while it is a great day trip from Ubeda (about 10 kilometres away), also has a range of great accommodation options.

With an array of palaces (Palacio de Jabalquinto), churches (Cathedral de Baeza), plazas (the large Plaza Mayor) and other heritage buildings to explore, as well as remnants of its Moorish history (such as the Cerro del Alcazar) – history lovers are spoilt for choice. Finally, don’t miss the chance to visit Baeza’s interesting local museums including the Museo de Baeza and the Museo de a Cultura del Olivo, which details the extraction of olive oil from the groves around town.

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