Casares is a picturesque hilltop town, just 15 kilometres from the coast in Spain. It is called the charming gateway to the province of Andalucia. It is known as ‘The White Village’ for its white-washed buildings, which cling to rugged cliffs beneath a beautifully preserved Moorish castle. This pueblo blanco is so pretty that it enjoys Unesco World Heritage Site status.

The views from the fort’s battlements are breath-taking, stretching as far as the Sea of Gibraltar and the distant mountains of Morocco. To the south of Casares, you can soak in mineral-rich hot springs at the Banos de la Hedionda – ancient one baths built by the Romans. Travel further and you will find the beautiful beaches and glittering waters of the Costa del Sol. Take a day trip to soak up the sea and sun, or feast on seafood at an oceanfront restaurant, or make it an overnight stay to enjoy the sparkling nightlife of its coastal resorts.

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