Helsinki is set on the Gulf of Finland. This capital is one of Europe’s most charming and idiosyncratic cities. Helsinki has an unique geographical location. It is spread out over a group of peculiarly shaped islands and peninsulas in the Baltic Sea. The majority of attractions are conveniently clustered on a central peninsula which, while not exactly an ancient ‘Old Town’, boasts some of the purest neoclassical architecture in the world.

Visit the fortress on the island Suomenlinna that is on the UNESCO world heritage list. This sea fortress dates back to the 1700’s and it belonged to Russia, Sweden and Finland. Take a stroll over the big daily market next to the ferris wheel. It offers stalls and crafts all year round and a heated café tent in winter.

The city springs to life in summer when the sun continues to shine long after midnight. Winding streets play host to an array of tempting sidewalk cafes. Bistros are serving bizarre Finnish delicacies such as beaver sausage and dried reindeer. Is this too exotic for you? Check out the legendary Design Museum. You can also try the saunas at the famous Yrjonkatu Swimming Hall. They are known for its spectacular architecture and unique atmosphere.

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