Finland is a fascinating and beautiful European country bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia. Any Finnish travel experience will be largely determined by the seasons. Winter is a time of perpetual darkness, magnificent frozen lakes and the glorious Northern Lights. In summer vast green natural landscapes are bathed in the light of the midnight sun. Enormous spreads of virtually untouched natural wilderness provide a playground for trekkers, mountain-bikers, skiers and fishermen. Reindeer roam free when they aren’t pulling sledges or being served up on the dinner table. This natural wonderland lies on the doorstep of phenomenally innovative modern cities offering cosmopolitan living, while the surrounding smaller towns are home to quaint wooden churches, historic castles and quirky museums brimming with cultural artifacts.

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Electrical sockets (outlets) in Finland are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The “Type C” Europlug and the “Type E” and “Type…

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CurrencyEuro (EUR; symbol €) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of €2 and 1,…

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Food in Finland is safe to eat and usually prepared in accordance with hygiene guidelines, although care should be taken when purchasing food from unlicensed…

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Finland has a reputation as a land of ice and snow, but summers are warm and sunny, with daytime temperatures reaching 25-30ºC (77-86ºF), and even spring…

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Finnair (AY) ( and its subsidiaries run an excellent network of domestic services. Look out for discounted äkkilähdot (getaway) fares….

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In summer, travellers can get away with lightweight clothing in the daytime, but long sleeves and long trousers or skirts are useful for the evenings….

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Helsinki is set on the Gulf of Finland. This capital is one of Europe’s most charming and idiosyncratic cities. Helsinki has an unique geographical location. It…

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Joensuu is the vibrant capital of North Karelia and the second largest city in Eastern Finland. It is also a student city full of fascinating museums,…

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Located in Finland, the Kajaani serves as the centre and capital of the Kainuu region. The 17th-century town boasts an attractive riverside location. Highlights include: the…

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The ‘Pearl of Finland’s north’, Kemi is the final frontier to the astonishing wilderness of the Arctic Circle. The town’s chief claim to fame is its…

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Kokkola is a historic port city set halfway up Finland’s coast, in the Central Ostrobothnia region. Long used as an important harbour, Kokkola’s Old Town is…

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Lahti is an impressive Finnish city set at the edge of the Lakeland area, known for its pulse-quickening ski jumps and sports facilities, but offers plenty…

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Situated within the Arctic circle, bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea, Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region. This sparsely populated area is the epitome of…

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Mikkeli, in the Etela-Savo region of Finland, is a bustling historic town in the Lake District of Finland. It is situated on the shores of the…

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Resting on the shores of the Bay of Bothnia in central Finland’s region of North Ostrobothnia, Oulu is famous for its cycling opportunities, urban vibrancy, and…

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Pori, the tenth-largest city in Finland, is located on the country’s west coast, near the Kokemaki River. The town’s primary attraction, arguably, is its famous architectural…

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Rovaniemi is situated in the Arctic Circle, right at the confluence of the rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. Rovaniemi is the unofficial capital of Finnish Lapland and…

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Ruka & Kuusamo

Ruka and Kuusamo are towns inextricably linked by their proximity and symbiosis. they are located in east-central Finland, close to the Russian border. Ruka is a…

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Savonlinna is located in the south-east of Finland, in the heart of the Saimaa Lake District. This beautiful and vibrant city offers a wide range of…

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Turku is located on the southwest coast of Finland, this vibrant city is Finland’s former capital. Only in 1917, when Finland became independent, Helsinki be came…

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Vaasa, a sunny, well-run city halfway up Finland’s west coast, combines history, modernity and nature in an enticing package. Vaasa was created in the 17th-century and…

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